Social Work

School Social Workers work in conjunction with counselors, nurses, and school administrators to assist students and families experiencing difficulties in a variety of areas. A school social worker may offer direct services and assistance to school staff and families in crisis situations. The social worker may provide aid to students experiencing homelessness and connect families with appropriate community resources. The social worker also monitors attendance and makes referrals to appropriate agencies when students have excessive absences. The social workers' goal is to empower and support all students to achieve academic success.

The focus of the White County School social worker (SSW) is to find effective ways to resolve problems, which may significantly interfere with a student’s academic achievement or adjustment. The SSW assists with communication between the school and the home and encourages parents to assume an active role in their child’s education. By utilizing the student’s home, school, and community the school social worker can expand helping efforts so that students are successfully prepared for their educational experience and the future.

Reasons students are often referred to the SSW include, but are not limited to:

  • Chronic attendance problems
  • Lack of academic progress
  • Potential dropout
  • School and personal adjustment problems
  • Need for community resources (economic assistance, crisis intervention, mental health issues, physical health concerns)

Amanda Lammers, Ed. D

Student Support Coordinator

706-865-2315 ext. 1302

[email protected]


Ciarra Motes

School Social Worker

706-865-2315 ext.1308

[email protected]