Transporting Our Future

The primary mission of the White County School Transportation department is to provide students with safe and secure transportation to and from school in a friendly environment that enhances the total learning process.


To accomplish this mission we will:

  • Promote mutual respect and understanding;
  • Model courtesy with students, parents and our colleagues;
  • Help students to start and end their school day with a smile;
  • Greet all who enter our environment with a smile, encouragement, and a happy attitude;
  • Develop and improve communications with teachers, staff, parents and students;
  • Ensure that our buses function at the highest possible levels of safety, cleanliness and comfort for students and drivers;
  • Maintain professional conduct and appearance at all times for both students and the public;
  • Enhance the publics' perception of the White County School District through excellence in transportation;
  • Initiate public safety and awareness in and for everyone we serve;
  • Promote our team spirit for excellence in all undertakings.

Contact Information

To request transportation, please call 706-865-4720

Sharon Hipps, Director
[email protected]

Sheree Moore, Transportation Coordinator
[email protected]

Kim Vaughan, Transportation Safety & Training Coordinator
Email: [email protected]


Safely transport students to and from school

Always friendly and professional

Focus on a positive atmosphere

Efficiently transport students while providing safety

Trust that students will live up to our highest expectations

You make a difference in a child's life!


White County's Here Comes the Bus App and Instructions.pdf

A Parent's Guide For Bus Safety.pdf

Bus Rules, Code of Conduct and Behavior Management Plan.pdf