Dexter Mosely Act

Under the Dexter Mosely Act, home study students in grades six through 12 are eligible to participate in extracurricular and interscholastic activities in the White County School System (WCSS). To participate, home study students shall complete at least one qualifying course during any semester the student participates in an extracurricular or interscholastic activity.

To participate as a Dexter Mosely student, a home study student must complete the following:

  1. Enroll in the White County School System. Please see the enrollment page for additional information and required documentation. 

  2. Completion of the Parental Notification of Intent to Participate Form. The information contained in this form is listed below. The actual form will be provided during enrollment.

  3. Provide a copy of a transcript and the most recent progress report.

Once all required documentation has been submitted, a member of the school staff will contact the enrolling parent/guardian to complete course registration and scheduling process. 

Deadlines to Apply

  • Fall Semester 2024: June 28, 2024

  • Spring Semester 2025: December 6, 2024

Parental Notification of Intent to Participate Information

Student will be required to identify the extracurricular/interscholastic activity that they would like to participate in, and the semester(s) in which the student plans to attend.

Please review the statements below that you will be agreeing to upon enrollment.

  • I understand this declaration must be submitted to the school of residence 30 days prior to the semester of participation.
  • I understand my student must maintain enrollment in one course per semester to remain eligible for extra-curricular and interscholastic athletics.
  • I understand my student must adhere to attendance requirements per WCSS Student/Parent Handbook.
  • I understand my student must meet the same eligibility requirements as full-time WCSS students (accumulated units, units passed the previous semester, etc.)
  • I understand my student must reside in the attendance area of his/her custodial parent's primary residence.
  • I understand my student must follow the WCSS Code of Conduct.
  • I understand withdrawal of my student from WCSS to homeschool full-time will result in the loss of eligibility for one calendar year.
  • I understand my student in ineligible to participate in any WCHS homecoming/prom activities except as a guest of a WCHS student and WCHS graduation activities
  • I understand my student must attain a Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation
  • I understand my student must be enrolled in the White County School System.


For additional questions, please contact:

Grades 9-12 - Lloyd Collins, [email protected]

Grades 6-8 - Darrell Dorsey, [email protected]